About: Jumbo Relations

Jumbo Relations is an emerging premier source of integrated stakeholder management solutions. We provide a cost-efficient fusion of expertise, raw talent, and industry relationships that foster stakeholder engagement to the benefit of our clients. Our sectors of specialty include governments, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), non-profit & charitable organizations; providing us with a unique and broad base to cultivate meaningful relationships on behalf of our clients. Jumbo Relations' stakeholder management solutions are a series of economical derivatives of our core disciplines in:

Communications Management
Relationship Management
Management Consulting
Strategy Counselling
Issues & Crisis Management

We maintain broad sector knowledge and diverse industry expertise enhanced by a deep network of professionals. Jumbo Relations offers a value proposition of a cost-efficient integrated service model, which provides targeted and strategic solutions with flexible value-added services. Jumbo Relations' operations represent a series of targeted strategy services segmented by the divisional stakeholder groups of which we specialize.

Public Relations Government Relations Investor Relations Business Relations


People sometimes ask how we came up with our name. Well, to us, it was simple. Jumbo Relations is synonymous with the solutions we provide, the stakeholders with whom we engage, and more notably, our grassroots inspiration - P.T. Barnum's Jumbo the elephant; the historic icon of St. Thomas, Ontario.