JumboBR: Business Relations

In these turbulent economic times, organizations are tasked with refining and optimizing their operations as a primary effort to stay competitive. For some, this can be a self-destructive endeavour if not properly strategized and executed, while for others, it can prove to be a frustratingly endless saga that can significantly distract organizations from their normal course of business. For this reason, organizations need independent management counsel to help them implement the best possible solutions to optimize and enhance their operations. JumboBR offers solutions that strategically support and empower clients to rationalize and augment their businesses to be more efficient, competitive, and better positioned for stable, long-term growth. We specialize in identifying cost-cutting and enhancement opportunities that we later integrate through change management facilitation to give our clients the greatest competitive advantage. Unlike other costly management consulting firms, we believe in providing cost-efficient services that actively promote client succeed.

- Small and medium size business
- Non-profit organizations
- Charitable organizations
- Governmental divisions, agencies, crown corporations, and commissions
- Service industries
- Social and community service organizations
- Supply chain management
- Logistics
- Creative design industries
  (physical and abstract design, creative & media production)

- Manufacturing
- Broker services
- Financial services (non-banking)
- Pharmaceutical
- Trade & other membership associations
- Education
- Sport & leisure
- Franchise operations
- E-commerce
- Retail

Organizational Assessments:
A thorough audit of organizational governance, planning, functions, controls, effectiveness, profitability, and financial stability; reporting deficiencies, opportunities, and change management recommendations

Business Modelling/Remodelling:
Creating, expanding, or transitioning an organization's scope of business to a new product, service, industry, or target market

Risk Management:
Identifying and mitigating corporate/organizational risk, providing strategic alternatives for management to contemplate

Change Management:
Directly implement change management recommendations on behalf of the client, or provide counsel to client-management through the implementation process


Corporate Social Responsibility Programs:
Identifying and implementing social responsibility programs that align with the organization's social values and beliefs

Communications Management:
Communications planning & implementation, strategic outreach, messaging, and communications production

Issues, Crisis, & Reputation Management:
Policy & contingency planning, issues/crisis analysis, strategic advisory services, communications planning & coordination

Stakeholder Relationship Management:
CRM, vendor/supplier management, employee assessment & retention programs, media relations, investor & funding authority engagement, board governance, community & public relations