JumboGR: Government Relations
Although businesses and organizations have diverse objectives with their government relations (GR) needs, they often encounter barriers that are generally in the form of thick and cumbersome bureaucracies. JumboGR maintains strong political acuity and a well established network of senior government officials to overcome these challenges. JumboGR's expertise includes research, policy development, advocacy, and business development with all levels of Canadian government. Regardless of your specific GR objectives, our goal is to present the best possible case scenario on behalf of our clients to foster government engagement.

- Government of Canada
- Government of Ontario
- Other Provincial/Territorial Governments
  (except the Province of Quebec)
- Crown Corporations

- Agencies & Commissions
- Regional and Municipal Governments
- Canadian Embassies/Consulates General abroad
- International Embassies/Consulates General in Canada

- Legislative & government services
- Tourism
- Economic investment & development
- Consumer & privacy protection
- Finance & tax
- Intergovernmental affairs
- Manufacturing, supply chain management, & retail
- Technology
- Small & medium sized enterprises (SME)
- Non-profit organizations
- Trade & membership associations
- Intellectual & electronic property
- Creative professions (abstract & physical design, arts, media & film)
- Pharmaceutical & NHP
- Consumer products
- Financial services (non-banking)
- Community & social services
- Security & community safety
- Sport & leisure

RFP/RFQ/RFI/RFSO Monitoring:
Identifying, sourcing, and evaluating specific business opportunities with the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government

Business Development & Grant Proposals:
Research, project management, preparation, & submission of applications and bid proposals

Research & Strategy Services:
Legislative, regulatory, & policy research, strategic analysis & positioning services, government/opposition engagement strategy development


Lobbying and Negotiation Services:
Leveraging our deeply rooted government relationships, providing strategic and compelling services to present the best possible case scenario with the objective of government opt-in

Government Case Management Services:
Developing dialogue with government officials, initiating and resolving client objectives in collaboration with government officials and service providers