JumboIR: Investor Relations

Trading on the public markets presents significant responsibilities, and a new stakeholder relationship role for which companies are often ill-prepared. Promoting corporate securities, building shareholder value, fulfilling continuous disclosure obligations, and establishing new relationships within an otherwise unfamiliar stakeholder group are all significant challenges that public companies must routinely contemplate and execute in order to be successful in the capital markets. A well-managed investor relations (IR) program is critically important for companies to bridge confidence within the investment community and to promote market capitalization growth through increased shareholder value. However, many public companies are ill-equipped to manage their IR strategies, and are often at the mercy of costly, non-supportive IR firms. JumboIR offers emerging and existing public companies with powerful, comprehensive, and economical IR solutions that effectively promote the securities of our clients, inspire confidence within the capital markets, and deliver strategic continuous disclosure; collectively driving shareholder value.

- Reporting issuers trading on Canadian exchanges
- Small and micro capitalization companies
- New and emerging public companies
- Industrial
- Energy
- Technology
- Other service & specialty companies

- Program Development:
Development and promotion of a compelling investment story targeting appropriate investor audiences that utilize traditional investor information exchange channels, social media, web and innovative investor resources

- Communications Management:
Strategic messaging, continuous disclosure preparation and counselling, advisory services, press release and speech writing, media management, investor presentation development, and localization services

- Relationship Management Services:
Dedicated client-relationship management of shareholders, institutional and retail investors, investment analysts, financial media, and the investment community at large


- Analyst Engagement:
Selling your company's story to entice interest from analysts to research and report client-side investment analysis

- IR Events Management:
Targeted outreach events that promote an Issuer's securities to members of the investment community, shareholder AGM events, shareholder quarterly conferences, and other promotional events that support shareholder value