JumboPR: Public Relations

In this increasingly competitive communications arena, it is critically important for businesses & organizations to engage in managed public relations (PR) strategies as a primary effort to stay 'connected' with their stakeholders. In recent years, PR trends have been, and continue to be, in a state of rapid evolution, particularly as a result of emerging technologies, media, and other resources. Although these innovations contribute to the increasingly dynamic trends within the PR landscape, if organizations don't adapt their PR strategies they run the risk of suffering 'stakeholder disconnect'.

JumboPR's solutions integrate the latest of PR innovative trends that enable our clients to advance in the PR space, promote their business, and stay connected with their stakeholders. JumboPR provides the strategy, expertise, and value-added back-end support services to ensure your unique PR platform is powerful and economically viable.

- Small & medium sized enterprises (SME)
- Non-profit sector
- Charitable sector
- Governments
- Political parties
- Education
- Financial services (non-banking)
- Manufacturing & production
- Supply chain management
- Retail
- Consumer goods & services
- Technology & telecommunications
- Community & social services
- Trade & other membership associations
- Creative industries (physical & abstract design, arts, film, media)
- Professional service industries
- Sport and leisure

- Communications Management:
Strategic messaging, targeted outreach programs, customer retention management (CRM), marketing communications, stakeholder liaison services, media relations, communications production and critiquing services

- Issues & Crisis Management:
Policy & contingency planning, issues/crisis analysis, stakeholder & media engagement, strategic advisory services, communications planning & coordination

- Brand & Product Development:
Complete launch cycle project management, design(s) & content, product localization & labelling, packaging, demographic research & outreach strategies, communications & media plan, sell-sheets & promotional literature, advertising, and PR events

- Relationship Management:
Maintenance and outreach strategies to targeted stakeholder groups, governments, analysts, the general public, and the media


- Social Media & Internet Marketing (iMarketing):
Plan and deploy customized online strategies that utilize social media services, search engine optimization (SEO), and other innovative iMarketing service providers to present powerful and targeted online campaigns that yield positive results

- Media Brokering:
Advertising placement services for television, radio, print, and web media

- Creative Design & Production:
Graphic & web design, print & audio/visual media production, POP display design and production, translation & product localization services, product labelling/packaging services

- PR Special Event Management:
Brand/product launches, corporate-social responsibility campaign events, market integration initiatives, and corporate revitalization events